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Houston commercial window tinting can make your building both  a conceal and aesthetically appealing property. Consequently commercial window tinting can increase your tenant or employees comfort. Commercial window tinting not also provides comfort but it also can protect. Our team and technicians can provide quality work and window film to any commercial window tinting. Contact us for a free commercial window tinting estimate 281.748.5660.

Houston Commercial Window Tinting

  • Reduce up to 98% of Heat
    Commercial window tinting reduces heat by rejecting thermal rays. As a result only natural light is allowed to pass by. Solar window tinting has insulative properties.  These properties are good both in the summer and colder  months.
  • Minimize solar hot spots throughout office
    The cost of reducing heat is as equally as important as reducing it. Commercial window tinting can improve room temperature at a low cost. Energy savings is another benefit of commercial window tinting.
  • Reduces glare 
    Install window tinting to your building’s windows and reduce glare. On surfaces like televisions, and computer screens.
  • Eliminates harmful UV rays by 99%
    Commercial window tinting can add UV protection. 99% UV protection in fact.
  • Hurricane Protection
    Windows are the source of wonderful views and natural light. Similarly the are the source of vulnerable threats to hurricanes and break-ins.
  • Enhances Security
    Windows can shatter by storms or vandalism. Commercial window tinting will safeguard your business assets. Protection against shatter can be achieve by adding tinted or clear safety film.

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