Houston Area Home Window Tinting Service

Sun Shield Window Tint offers a broad selection of residential window films. Whether your looking for a clear, reflective, or neutral window film to accent your beautiful home windows. Our residential window tinting service can achieve your goal.

Residential Window Tinting

  • Reduces up to 98% of Heat
    Glass Tinting reduces heat by rejecting thermal rays and allowing natural light to pass by. As a added bonus solar window tinting has insulative properties to prevent heat loss in colder  months.
  • Reduces electricity bills up to 30%
    Glass Tinting is a low cost improvement that can make a significant dent in the energy bill. The cost of having your home’s window tinted can be recouped in energy savings!
  • Reduces glare 
    With a variety of window films available and different thickness glass tinting will reduce glare on windows, televisions, and computer screens.
  • Eliminates harmful UV rays by 99.9%
  • Interior Protection
    Preserve flooring, fabrics, furniture, rugs, and artwork, and also protects your family from skin and eye damage
  • Enhances Security
    Adding window tinting will strengthen your home windows. Glass tinting Contains shattered glass caused by storms or accidents. Crime prevention can be achieve by adding tinted or clear safety film.


Hours Of Operation

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